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There is a growing recognition of the linkages between community development, reduction in disadvantage and the improvement of health, and the role of community-based NGOs as facilitators between local communities and government in addressing the social determinants of disadvantage.

Deloitte observed that the 'root causes of inequitable outcomes in disadvantaged communities include racism and discrimination, structural flaws in the design and operation of government services, and inequities caused by the social determinants'.


Community development is a different approach to problem solving. It encompasses a range of different strategies designed to improve the physical, economic, and social environment in which we live. 


The Community Development for Health (CDH) is a strengths-based, bottom-up, joined-up approach that starts with the local communities and groups, and empowers them with resources and supportive expertise to drive their own solutions.  Addressing the social determinants of disadvantage requires all parts of government working simultaneously to achieve a common outcome that reflects the individual and unique needs of specific communities and groups.

This model is common-place in the human and community services, and to some extent in urban planning approaches.  The aim of Community Development for Health (CDH) is to integrate this approach into how we support communities and groups plan for, and address, the drivers of poor health outcomes.

Community development is very much a part of how governments support communities today to address a wide range of disadvantages.  Our goal as a charity is to promote Community Development as a whole of government approach to addressing the drivers of inequity in disadvantaged communities and groups around Australia.

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CDH Approach

The Foundation uses the framework below to help communities explore the various social dimensions that drive health outcomes, and to promote discussion and debate about priorities (adapted wth acknowledge from Deloitte)

Domains of Disadvantage

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