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Award-winning community, virtual and mobile care is supporting communities, governments, residential aged care facilities, PHNs and others to deliver affordable, effective and accepted solutions to disadvantaged communities in Australia.

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Community leadership
proven performance

Integrated care is the holy grail for health and social services.  But how does it work in practice, and can integrated care be cost-effectively replicated from one community to another?

HealthAccess Integrated Care brings together the strengths of virtual care, mobile care, home care and community care into a mix-and-match multidisciplinary and multi-modal package designed to meet the place-based needs of diverse communities.  

At the Foundation, we start with a community need and ask 'what is the best way of delivering health and social care to this particular community using the mix of solutions we have available?​'

At HealthAccess Integrated Care we work with the community to understand the problem they are string to solve and what the community feels would be workable and acceptable?


Using this approach we can deliver the optimal range of services to meet the needs of any community affordably and in a way communities embrace.

HealthAccess Community Care

Community care is any type of health or social services delivered by a third party which is located in a single town. These services can be co-located in a building, or coordinated from different locations.  The essence of good community care is community leadership, community delivered and community coordinated to ensure that programs and priorities reflect the needs of a define geographic or cultural community, or a group.  

HealthAccess Home Care

Home care is health and social care delivered to a person in their own home or residential location. Home care is ideal for people who cannot access community care services due to a lack of transport, mobility impairment, immunocompromise, age, chronic disease or mental health challenge.

HealthAccess Integrated Care

No two rural and remote communities are alike. While towns may share similar challenges or profiles, this doesn't mean that what works in Town A will work in Town B.  Having access to a broad range of delivery modes, coordinated centrally, can significantly improve both the accessibility of care as well as its availability, appropriateness and affordability.  For example, there may be a local Health Worker in town who coordinates a Mobile Women's Clinic every month, access to virtual  GPs and specialists consultations on weekdays, home visits to isolated patients by a Nurse Practitioner and the delivery of dental diagnostic scanning locally which can be electronically sent to a remote dentist to develop an oral health plan.

HealthAccess Virtual Care

Virtual care is health and social care delivered by video conference,  a telephone consultation and online chat.  It incorporates a range of diagnostic tools such as Holter Monitors will can be worn by patients to monitor ECG and other technologies that involve technology to manage all or most of the consultation or treatment process.

HealthAccess Mobile Care

Mobile care is any type of health or social care delivered using custom or standard transport to bring services to a community to address gaps in access.

HealthAccess Integrated Care

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A principled approach to change

Led by experts
delivering real

At the heart of the Healthy Communities Foundation Australia is a group of experienced experts and professionals who understand the challenges of delivering health and social care in rural, remote, Aboriginal and other disadvantaged communities, and to disadvantaged groups.

Our practice is based on decades of experience.

Our goal is to transform the experience of health and social care by making it accessible, affordable, appropriate and available to every community and group in Australia.

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