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Award-winning virtual caresolutions.

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Award winning care

Integrated care is the holy grail for health and social services.  But how does it work in practice, and can integrated care be cost-effectively replicated from one community to another?

HealthAccess Integrated Care brings together the strengths of virtual care, mobile care, home care and community care into a mix-and-match multidisciplinary and multi-modal package designed to meet the place-based needs of diverse communities.  

At the Foundation, we start with a community need and ask 'what is the best way of delivering health and social care to this particular community using the mix of solutions we have available?​'

At HealthAccess Integrated Care we work with the community to understand the problem they are string to solve and what the community feels would be workable and acceptable?


Using this approach we can deliver the optimal range of services to meet the needs of any community affordably and in a way communities embrace.

codesign at its core


cost-effective and loved by communities 



evidence-based solutions


decades of

proven results


Trusted by the names you trust

Want to talk to someone about how HealthAccess can help your business? Send us your email and we will be in touch.

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