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Happy Baby

As we grow, our bodies and minds change and we need to adapt to these changes to maintain good health and wellbeing. 

When a baby is born we focus on laying the foundations for a healthy life.  But as we grow, the focus on healthy development shifts from being a shared community responsibility to an individual responsibility.

Sad Gaze

Because people have different circumstances and experiences as they grow, inequities start to appear between those that have the resources to maintain health and well-being, and those that don’t.

We asked ourselves the question, what if we had the equivalent of a Blue Book - Baby Health Book (or Red Book in Queensland) that supported health literacy and helped individuals to maintain health and well-being across their lives.

To address this challenge, the Foundation is working to develop a lifecycle approach to primary health care. 

Yoga Class

People would bring their Healthy Life Booklet with them to every GP or Nurse appointment (or complete via an App).  This would build health literacy across our lives, and help people to focus on being healthy and well-being (rather than treating sickness & disease).

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If you want to talk more about our approach, or get involved, please contact us today.

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