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Regional Housing Data

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Australian InstItute of Health and Welfare (AIHW)


Overcrowded housing and homelessness are known causes of poor health outcomes in rural and remote communities. Understanding the housing situation in your community is invaluable in addressing the factors driving poor health and social outcomes.

Why is this useful for rural and remote people to read?

Poor quality housing, such as a leaky roof, can contribute to the growth of mould and lead to childhood asthma. Overcrowded housing can lead to an increase in the transmission of infectious diseases and mental health issues. Lack of housing can lead to physical and mental health issues. Housing is a major driver of health outcomes in rural and remote communities. Rural and remote people who want to understand the causes of poor health in their community should consider the housing situation in town as a potential factor in poor health outcomes. When considering the data it is important to remember that some people do not complete the housing data because of fears that the information will be used to remove people from overcrowded public housing. As a result, some consideration should be given to whether the data reflects the true extent of the problems in town, or whether it under-estimates the challenges facing a community.



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