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Tree canopies in rural towns

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Aston Brown


Perhaps because rural and remote towns are located in the middle of nature, they often lack the leafy streetscape of our cities. As climate change accelerates trees play a number of critical roles. They can create shade significantly reducing heat build up; encourage more people to exercise when it’s hot; encourage greater connection among people. In addition, why do tourists flock to rural towns like Orange or Bowral? Trees play a huge role in creating an environment that attracts visitors.

Why is this useful for rural and remote people to read?

Rural towns often neglect the importance of large canopy trees to creating healthier and more prosperous communities. While maintaining trees in hot climates does require an investment in irrigation, the costs are quickly returned in increased tourism, reductions in heat related hospitalisation and improved community cohesion.



Suggested Citation (go to Get Document if not provided)

The Guardian (2024) It’s slipped off the radar’: why are there fewer street trees in regional towns across Australia? (4 Jan 2024)

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