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Rural Health System Resources


Australian Social Health Atlas


Torrens University - Primary Health Information Development Unit (PHIDU)


This is your ‘go-to’ resources when preparing a grant application, submission to an inquiry or government, or a business case relating to health and social welfare in rural and remote communities. The PHIDU does all the work for you by collating information from numerous different sources and putting it all together by local government area, Primary Health Network (PHN) regions and remoteness areas. Want to compare fruit and vegetable intake in Bourke compared to Brisbane, developmental vulnerability in children in Cunnamulla and Canberra, educational participation in Dubbo and Darwin - this is the resource you need. It is a fantastic and highly valuable collection that can help you to make your case for investment both only in improved health service access, but also targeting social factors that can have a negative impact on health outcomes in your community such as unemployment, overcrowded housing or low vaccination rates.

Why is this useful for rural and remote people?

Data is critical to preparing a submission, business case or grant application to understand what might be driving health and social outcomes in your community, and to support the development of health and social services in your town. The Social Health Atlas is one of the most comprehensive sources of data on hospital outcomes, preventable illness, behavioural risks etc broken down into local areas. You do need to know how to open and read an excel spreadsheet, but the layout is pretty easy to read if you at least have access to Excel or Google Spreadsheet. It is also important that communities get the information to help work out the biggest priorities for your area so you can drive the types of services that are being offered in your town, rather than accepting a service that someone else thinks your community needs.

Suggested Citation

Torrens University - Primary Health Information Development Unit (PHIDU), Social Health Atlas


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