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Creating jobs, training and economic opportunity through the development of a community-run op-shop in Galariinbaraay/Collarenebri

The Challenge

The centralisation of public services into reginal and metrpolitan cities, and withdrawal of social and employment support from small rural towns, has contributed to a decline in local training opportunities and businesses in which young people can access work experience.  There is also a critical need for improved access to affordable clothing, blankets, kitchen applicance and similar to ensure the health of their family.

Theory of Change

A community op-shop will provide work skills to young people while providing essential support for community health.

Anticipated Outcomes

Short-Intermediate Term

  1. Increase in training and employment opportunities for young people.

  2. Sustainable business models that generates surpluses for reinvestment in community health.

  3. Self-reported satisfaction with quality of experience.

Long Term Outcomes

Improved local training opportunities for young people.



Number of trainees


Surplus revenue from activities


Self-reported experience of trainees
15 April 2024
The program is subject of a current grant application.

Social Impact


Roie Caine, Practice Manager, Collarenebri Medical Centre (02) 5809 9505

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