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We believe in more

The Foundation is where people who are passionate about things like social justice, health equity and community empowerment come together.  We see the strength and potential in everyone - our communities, our staff and our organisation. At the Foundation you won’t just work with us, you will help to make us better.


We aren’t fixing problems, we are finding solutions.

Croydon Dowley
Manager of Foundation Services
& Programs

we believe in more
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We believe in you

At the Foundation you can be your authentic self.  We believe that different people from different backgrounds help us to be better. That’s why we are committed to inclusion, diversity, flexibility and belonging. We welcome you for who you are.


We are trusted to get on and do our work.  When we need support, we get it.

Cass Talbot
Program Manager, Healthy Mind

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We believe in passion

We work with people who thrive because they are passionate about what they do, not because someone is looking over their shoulder.  There are thousands of challenges out there to address.  Whether it is climate change, Aboriginal health, LGBTQI+ equity, dignity in ageing or improving outcomes for neurodiverse kids - if you have a passion for positive change, and it can help to advance our strategic agenda for disadvantaged communities, then we want to know.  

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We believe in flexibility

We trust you to do the right thing, which is why we put flexibility and honesty at the heart of everything we do.  Many of our jobs can be done from home.  Maybe you want to refresh your batteries by working for a month down the coast, or overseas.  Or maybe you need more flexible hours, or days, to better balance your life and work commitments.  Or maybe you would like to do a few days work on Telehealth, and a few in a clinic.  In addition to our employee benefits, tax concessions on fringe benefits, staff purchasing arrangements for EV and PHEV vehicles and the amazing people you work with - we will work with you to find the flexibility that is possible in your role, helping you to achieve the right work/life balance and allowing us all to be the best we can be.

Find out more about our flexibility here.


Community is at the heart of everything we do.  My views as a staff member, and the views of my community, actually mean something here.

Carl Mason
Aboriginal Health Worker
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We believe in impact

In everything we do, we consider our impact — on our environment, community, work mates and planet.  The footprint we want to leave on our world is not carbon and ecological degradation, but empowered communities, resilient systems and healthier people. The same innovative thinking that goes into the design of our systems, goes into all the issues we care about including accessibility and equity.

National park

Addressing climate change is one way we ensure environmental equity for disadvantaged communities

Mark Burdack
Chief Executive Officer
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We believe you can be
a force for good

Whether your a doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, allied health, administrator, social worker or artist - if you are passionate about social justice, health equity and human rights let us know.  Together we can amplify our capacity to do good.


از شادی دیگران شاد باشید




Alegría en la felicidad de los demás


سعادة الآخرين


Social logos - 3.png

We believe things can be better

Muditā expresses who we are.  We gain joy from the success, happiness and well-being of others.  

We believe in happiness.

Want to talk to someone about working with the Foundation. Send us your email and we will be in touch.

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