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The Collarenebri Community Hub is an integrated community services centre that brings together health, education, employment, transport, research and community services in a single multi-disciplinary hub run by the community, for the community. 


The Hub hosts are number of centres and programs co-designed with, and led by, members of the community designed to address the social determinants of health, and improve access to primary, secondary and aged care.

It may seem unusual that a small remote town of 700 people ike Collarenebri hosts two nationally significant Centres of Excellence.  But the Collarenebri community thinks differently about the issue.  We think that it's unusual that every major centre for rural and remote research, policy development, systems design and education is located in a metropolitan or regional city.

These community-led Centres combined the more than 20 years of on-the-ground knowledge and experience in successful rural health practice of the Healthy Communities Foundation Australia with the local expertise and know-how of the local community.  


The Foundation has at its finger-tips the research, policy and best practice enabling the community to build their knowledge and explore, prioritise and adapt approaches to reflect their own unique needs and perspectives.  


In this way, we are moving away from the idea that city people know what is best for rural and remote people and we are placing our knowledge and expertise at the disposal of the community who better understand what will work, and what will not, in their own towns.

To explore more about the Hub, and its centres of excellence, click on the icons below:


The Collarenebri Community Hub was proudly supported with funding from the following key stakeholders



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