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We all want to be happy in our lives.  Because work forms a big part of our life, it is important that our workplaces support us to achieve our goal of happiness.

Happiness is not a state of being, but a goal.  All sorts of things affect the happiness of our staff, some of which are beyond our control.  

But what we can do is make sure we are trying our best to make your experience of working with us as happy as possible.  That is why we are happiness focussed.  

As part of our happiness mission, we have talked with our staff to find out what we can do that will help our staff to achieve a state of happiness.

What we were told is:

Flexibility - our work from anywhere policy means that staff can select from a variety of options to balance their work and life responsibilities.  For front-line staff it includes being able to change hours to go to your child’s school play, or perhaps to attend sorry-business.  For back-office staff it includes working from home, or taking a month to work from Japan (to do a little meditation after work).  There is no set limit to how flexible we will be, as long as you can still do your job.  


Trust - staff told us they don’t like having someone look over their shoulder all the time, or making us do things in a particular way “just because”.  We have to follow very strict rules for some things like cold chain management, but we want our staff to have the authority and flexibility to solve problems on their own.

Authority - there is nothing wore than having to get the approval of a manager for something that you could decide on the spot.  So, we empower our staff to make decisions.  Of course, you must follow our policies and principles, but as long as you make common-sense judgments that comply with the law and policies then you will be given the authority you need.

Communication - don’t you hate it when you find out something important about the organisation that everyone else seems to have known about a week before.  We hate that too.  We want everyone to know what is going on, so we have invested in an intranet, newsletters, staff briefings and get-together to make sure information flows.  Of course this means that you need to go to the information portals to get information, but we commit to letting you know as much as we can.

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