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To serve our communities we must look like our communities and work where our communities are located.

Equity is the foundation for all our work.  We are committed to the human rights of all people. We celebrate diversity, promote inclusion and encourage participation of individuals and the community in all aspects of their community's health and wellbeing.  We integrate human rights norms and principles in the design, delivery and evaluation of our services, programs and advocacy.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flag

In June 2020 the Board of The Healthy Communities Foundation Australia Ltd was proud to join with our management to endorse the Uluru Statement from the Heart and to approve the Foundation's Reconciliation Action Plan for submission.


We will contribute to the best of our ability to address the historic wrongs and create a new platform of trust that is essential to our work and the future health of our communities.

Reconciliation Action Plan
Uluru Statement from the Heart
Geographic Equity Flag


Geographic discrimination, or postcode discrimination, is one of the most pervasive forms of inequity in Australia.  Where you lives determines the number of well-paying jobs in your community, access to education and health care, and the quality of your life.  Over the last two decades, income inequality has grown rapidly in Australia to its worst level since Federation. Because our work is place-based, and community-led, we live and work where we are needed.  This not only enables us to make better decisions informed by communities, but allows us to bring more jobs and economic opportunities to disadvantaged communities.  

Diversity and Inclusion Statement Cover Image Link

More than 10 percent of Australians are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other diverse and wonderful sexualities and identities.  These communities often experience poorer health outcomes because of discrimination, particularly in rural and regional communities.  The Foundation loves LGBTQI+ people and we want to do our best every day to make sure that everything we do makes everyone feel valued and welcomed.  That is why we joined Pride in Health and Wellbeing, because we know that it is important to continue to improve by through learning and engagement with our LGBTQI+ family.

Pride in Health and Wellbeing

In 2019 the Board of the Foundation adopted a gender equity target to ensure that at least 50% of directors are women.  Since adopting that targets, the Board has advanced an agenda to ensure that the Foundation is a place where women are supported and valued.

The Foundation has approved a range of policies including paid parental leave up to 26 weeks for all employees (including LGBTQI+); flexible work including flexible hours and working from home; and, community service leave.  More than 50% of the leadership team today are also women.

We believe that we cannot understand our communities if we don't look like our communities.

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We focus on the strengths of a person and what they can contribute to our mission and goals. We promote equity and opportunity, and look for ways to accommodate people of all abilities whenever we reasonably can. 

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We believe that where you live and your circumstances should not cause you to suffer disadvantages from the effects of climate change, or in dealing with environmental hazards, disasters, or pollution. The Foundation is committed to taking tangible steps to reduce its environmental footprint, and to advocate for disadvantaged people to ensure they do not bear disportionate responsibility for the impacts of climate change caused by others.

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