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Foundation begins search for new directors

The Healthy Communities Foundation Australia Ltd has commenced its search for 2 new directors to fill vacancies on the Board arising from the departure of members.

With the expansion of the Foundation into multidisciplinary and multi-modal care, and its strategic focus on integrated and joined-up health and social care delivery in disadvantaged communities, there is a need to bring new skills and experiences onto the board to help the Board and management navigate the road ahead.

The Board is particularly seeking expressions of interest from:

Aboriginal Health and Social Care

A director who can support the Board to further improve our decision-making by bringing demonstrated skills from your work in a community-controlled or led environment in health or social services.  You will have a commitment to lead a group of directors who want to better understand how the Foundation can deliver services, and work with Aboriginal people, to advance their needs and priorities.

Health and Social Enterprise​

Like other charities, we rely on income generated from social enterprises including Telehealth, research, grants and consultancy services to fund our social justice activities.   We need directors who understands the social enterprise development process and can guide the management team on opportunity assessment, market analysis, business case development and commercial program implementation.   You will have this experience from a health or social service context in either the public, private or NGO space.

We are keen to hear from potential candidates. Further information is available at



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