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A taste of your own medicine: Aboriginal medicine garden grows up in Galariinbaraay/Collarenebri

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

A new Aboriginal medicine garden forms a core component of the Community Hub in Collarenebri.

Aboriginal medical technique were built over 60,000 years of living on the Australian continent.

"There is vast knowledge hidden in the Australian landscape known only to Aboriginal people. Aboriginal Australians used plants and other materials for pain relief, nausea management and other conditions" said Mark Burdack, CEO of the Healthy Communities Foundation Australia.

"The pharmaceutical industry is slowly catching on to the wealth of medical knowledge held by Aboriginal people, and the potential for whole new therapies to be created from this ancient wisdom.

"The garden will be used as part of the education programs delivered from the community hub to school students enrolled in TVET health programs as part of their secondary schooling. The goal is to educate students about western and Aboriginal medicine and clinical practice side-by-side to create graduates who can engage with the whole community and deliver more responsive health care" said Mr Burdack.



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