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Community come together to ask RUOK

The Galariinbaraay/Collarenebri local community came together to show their support for residents struggling with mental health challenges for RUOK Day 2023.

The event, hosted by the Foundation, provided residents with the opportunity to learn more about mental health and suicide prevention, with the aim of reducing the stigma attached to mental health challenges and encourage more people to seek out help, and provide residents with the confidence to reach out to friends, family and colleagues who may be struggling.

"Health literacy, particularly around mental health and suicide, is a critical part of our role at the community hub" said Julia Faulkner, Manager of Rural and Remote Health Initiatives.

"All members of the community need to feel comfortable dropping in and chatting to let people know if things are getting overwhelming or that they need help. The message of the day was 'its ok to ask for help' and 'its ok to reach out as say RUOK'".

"Suicide rates in rural and remote communities are twice the rate of major cities. We lose 8 Australians every day to suicide. This is not just the tragic loss of really valued members of our communities, but leaves a lasting and devastating impact on the health of families, friends, colleagues and the community.

"That is why we have such a strong focus on mental health and suicide prevention at the Foundation" said Ms Faulkner.



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