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COMMUNITY HERO: Tassene Shepherd

I am very pleased to announce that Tassene Shepherd, Medical Receptionist at the Galariinbaraay Medical Centre in Collarenebri has been nominated by her peers as our December Community Hero.  The decision was approved by the Chair of the Board of the Foundation today.

In health it is often the small kindnesses, the simple acts of care, the friendly word or a hand on the shoulder of someone experiencing distress or loss, that makes all the difference.

Tassene embraces the quality of care and professionalism that we all strive to achieve in our work.  Not only does she provide amazing support to her team mates, she demonstrates true commitment to her community in her role.

When Tassene started with us she was understandably apprehensive as she learnt the ropes and all the wonderful personalities who make up our great organisation. Tassene has grown in confidence since that time, in no small measure due to the support of her colleagues and her own quiet strength and determination.

Congratulations Tassene.  You embody the essense of what we are about as an organisation and community!



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