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Gamilaraay Anatomy Chart Aims to Teach Health Trainees Anatomy in their own Language

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Gamilaraay Anatomy Chart

A human anatomy chart in the Gamilaraay language aims to expose young Gamilaroi Aboriginal learners to health science in their own language.

A project of the Healthy Communties Foundation Australia, the chart was put together using the Gamilaraay, Yuwaalaraay and Yuwaalayaay Dictionary produced by John Giacon (Australian National University) and David Nathan.

"It is not surprising that the Gamilaroi people had sophisticated understanding of the human body, with language to describe major organs and body parts" said Mark Burdack, CEO of the Healthy Communities Foundation Australia.

"When Gamilaroi people come to our health centres, we don't just want to deliver a western medical service, but for our patients to feel that we care enough for their health to take the time to understand the Gamilaroi language.

"As we begin work to commence our Dhirri-li Health Careers and Traning Centre for Gamilaroi students to encourage more young people into health careers, and train locals to become Aboriginal Health Workers and Aboriginal Wellness Workers, we believe it was important to engage trainees with the human body in their own language.

"There is a rich culture and history of the Gamilaroi nation that needs to be shared to ensure that younger people can engage with older members of the community in health professional roles in a way that is respectful and authentic" said Mr Burdack.



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