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Medicare Reform Taskforce Report


Commonwealth of Australia


To ensure Australia's primary care system can meet the current and future challenges and reflect the new models of care of the 21st century, the Government brought together a group of health leaders to form the Strengthening Medicare Taskforce. The Taskforce was charged with identifying the most pressing investments needed in primary care, building on the direction outlined in Australia’s Primary Health Care 10 Year Plan 2022–2032 (the 10 Year Plan). The Report explores the problems of health care access in rural and remote communities, recommending greater community involvement in the identification of issues and design of solutions; an increased focussed on team-based care to address workforce shortages; and a fairer funding system to ensure disadvantaged communities can get the care they need.

Why is this useful for rural and remote people?

Rural and remote people need to know this document back-to-front. The Medicare Reform Taskforce sets out some pretty ambitious goals including devolving decision making to local communities, more place-based solutions and better mechanisms for funding distribution. To ensure that these recommendations are actioned, rural and remote people need to know what commitments have been made and then put in place mechanisms to monitor the implementation in their communities. A local government may want to summarise the commitments in a document and then send an update every year to residents with their rates notice to show how many of these commitments have led to changes in your town. Accountability for change can only be achieved if rural and remote people understand and engage these strategies and plans.

Suggested Citation

Commonwealth of Australia (2023) Medicare Reform Taskforce Report


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