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Impact of going off-grid for a primary health care service with 100% battery renewable solar

The Challenge

Climate change is an existential threat to human health.  The healthcare sector in Australia is estimated to contribute 7% of Australia's total carbon emissions. General practice accounts for 4% of the health sector's total, excluding emissions from pharmaceuticals.  

Theory of Change

Shifting to 100% renewable energy in general practice will increase the continuity of rural primary health care services in the context of climate events and reduce costs improving allocation of resources to community health care needs.

Anticipated Outcomes

Short-Intermediate Term

  1. reduction in fossil fuel energy use

  2. increase in reliability of energy supply for business continuity

  3. reduction in business costs

Long Term Outcomes

Mitigation of the impact of climate change on rural, Aboriginal and other disadvantaged communities.


Reduction in Fossil Fuel Usage

Percentage of Energy from Fossil Fuels

Increased Continuity

Continuity of electrical supply

Reduction in costs

Dollars saved through use of renewable energy

15 April 2024

Social Impacts

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Croydon Dowley, Manager Foundation Services and Programs (0434 989 658)

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